Fiber Reflectometric Probes

Multiplexed Neural Recording Down a Single Optical Fiber

via Optical Reflectometry with Capacitive Signal Enhancement

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Fiber Reflectometric Neural Activity Probes

Here you can find the relevant papers and code pertaining to the effort to multiplex neural activity measurements within optical fibers.


Rodriques, S.G.*, Marblestone, A.H*, Scholvin, J., Dapello, J., Sarkar, D., Mankin, M., Gao, R., Wood, L., and Boyden, E.S. (2016) Multiplexed neural recording along a single optical fiber via optical reflectometry, Journal of Biomedical Optics 21(5):057003. (*, co-first authors) [Link to paper]

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Simulation Code

Code for calculating basic properties of fiber reflectometric neural activity probes as a function of materials parameters is available at: our GitHub repository